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"It is the most informative fifty-five
minutes any judge, puppy buyer, or breeder is apt
to experience"

-- Gerald (Jerry) Schwartz

Puppy Puzzle:
The Hastings Approach to Evaluating
the Structural Quality of Puppies


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Litter Evaluation Forms
Companion evaluation tablet to help you
chart the progress of your litters.
Fifty forms per tablet.

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Puppy Puzzle is the approach developed by Bob and Pat Hastings for the structural evaluation of puppies.  It addresses both the parameters of the evaluation process, as well as how to evaluate for decisions and answers. The process discussed in this video has been used by the Hastings to evaluate over 250 litters per year.  For years they have documented each evaluation and have been amazed at the accuracy of the process.
See what it can do for you and your breeding program!