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Litter Evaluations by Pat Hastings

This is an educational tool - an opportunity for you to learn what is correct and what strengths are needed in your breeding plans. Litter evaluations are more about which lifestyle is suitable for each puppy and which puppies belong in a breeding program than they are about picking show prospects.

To schedule a litter evaluation:

Email Pat at
Telephone 503 642-3585

The average time for an evaluation is 1 - 2 hours, including a detailed discussion of the findings.

  • Evaluations scheduled at Pat's shop:

$60 per hour (1 hour minimum) for the litter and the
$25 per extra person.

  • Evaluations scheduled oustide of the shop:*

$500 plus all expenses.

  • Email consulting

$60 an hour


* For evaluations where she travels to you, Pat must request that you not show to her for six months after the evaluation.